November 22, 2011

If This Grosses You Out - Good

I was going to warn readers that this is an R-rated post, but unfortunately teenagers – and even younger kids - can benefit from the information the most. The Meth Project, a non-profit organization that warns and educates teens about the danger of meth use, has created a highly interactive Web site that pretty much answers every question you’d ever want to know about this evil drug, and a ton more that you wouldn’t. What is meth mouth? What are crank bugs? What is tweaking? How gross can this stuff get before you figure out you shouldn’t go within a hundred miles of it?

You can also watch some awfully alarming but informative videos – three of which are directed by Academy Award nominee Darren Aronofsky - that show teens reflecting on the questions they might have asked before ever trying the drug. Click here to support The Meth Project and help kids stay away from this pitiful crap.

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