December 13, 2011

In Dogs We Trust

If you’ve got an active four-legged friend, you’ll be pleased to hear that off-leash dog parks are the fastest-growing category of park in the U.S. - a rather surprising but very welcome fact brought to us by the enduringly awesome Trust for Public Land (TPL).

To celebrate this happy news, TPL is rewarding dog owners who can sit, roll over, and submit a snap of their furry friend at the park on command with some cool TPL swag. The fact that TPL is just about the coolest organization you will ever come across is guaranteed to make the swag even cooler.

Click here to submit your favorite photo by December 24 and show your support for a trusty nonprofit that has, since 1972, gone to ingenious lengths to conserve land for ordinary folk (and sometimes their pets) to enjoy as parks, gardens, rural lands and other natural environments.

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