December 8, 2011

New Music as a Cause

If your interest in music only extends to predictable, corporate-friendly recording artists, chances are you’re not going to spend much time on the new music-for-charity Web site But the site is probably just what you're looking for if you get a thrill from being among the first to discover something new - under-exposed acts like, for example, Good Luck Jane, Modern Groove Assembly, Minus Ned and the Bad Cactus Brass Band.

And, better yet, each time you download a song/album from the site, a portion of the sale is donated to the charity of the artist’s choice (they also choose the amount).

The site is brand new, so let’s just say that there aren’t quite as many choices as you'll find on iTunes or Amazon. But if there were, an edgy music lover like you wouldn't be interested, would you?

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