February 29, 2012

Pots of Good Luck

Having grown up in Iowa, your blogger has attended her fair share of potlucks (for church, school, family reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries - basically any reason to eat too much). As a connoisseur of creative casseroles, marshmallow-infused salads and other homemade curiosities, I can't recommend Dining for Women, a modern-day organization that takes potlucks to a whole new charitable level, highly enough.

The idea couldn’t be simpler. A group of women get together once every month to share good food and discuss one carefully selected international women’s charity that supports education, health care, vocational training, or economic development for women. Then, they donate their “dining out” dollars (money otherwise spent eating out) to that particular program.

After nearly nine years and with more than 250 chapters nationwide, it’s raised a ton of cash – and helped thousands of women and girls in more than 30 countries - for charities including Starfish One by One, Children of Vietnam, Nepal Youth Foundation and Huru International. Click here to join a chapter or start your own potluck program.

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