February 10, 2012

Sleep On It

MDG loves her eight hours of shut-eye as much as the next young superhero, and she's a big fan of CARE’s tremendous efforts to fight global poverty.

And if you think that sentence was something of a non sequitur, then you may be as gently puzzled as I was by the news that CARE is teaming up with the maker of sleep aid Lunesta to raise money for the world's most vulnerable citizens.

But then you think about the 900 million people around the world who live on less than a dollar a day, and the great work that CARE does to provide emergency aid and reduce poverty, and you figure it doesn't really matter if this whole thing makes sense or not.

In the new online game “Follow the Wings,” you’ll soar across a meadow, leap over ponds and fly through the forest collecting coins and flowers for points along the way. You’ll also earn $1 for CARE every time you play (once per day) – or share – the game between now and March 31.

It'll probably all make sense after a good night's sleep.

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