March 28, 2012

Adopting in Joplin

MDG is happy to announce that she’s the proud new sponsor of Sunny, an adorable 10-month old Labrador/Shepherd mix waiting to be adopted, rescued or fostered from the Joplin Humane Society (in Joplin, MO). Sunny is just one of dozens of dogs and cats who are available for sponsorship, many of which were left homeless after last year’s devastating tornado.

For a $60 donation, you can sponsor any of the shelter’s dogs or cats including “Chicken Nugget,” a Labrador/Retriever puppy; “Dude,” an adult Weimaraner/Australian Shepherd; “Earl,” a domestic short hair senior cat or “Harlequin,” a camera-shy domestic short hair kitten (*information current at time of post.) Or, if you prefer, you can have them choose a dog or cat that needs your help the most.

Sponsoring a pet helps in many wonderful ways including upping the odds that he or she will be chosen by a rescue group, having the adoption fee waived when he or she is adopted by an approved family and, of course, helping the shelter provide food and medical care for your sponsored animal. And you can do this from hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

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