March 23, 2012

Bossy Pants

Habitat for Humanity is building on its six-year partnership with Nissan, launching a fun new Facebook app that allows players to get downright bossy with volunteer builders. Take control of the virtual build by typing instructions like “hammer the nail,” “pick up the pipe” or “open the window.”

Or, feel free to challenge the builder – and score additional points – by using more creative commands such as “smash the damn window” or “graffiti the wall.” Go to to watch a fun, informative video of a volunteer literally throwing a pipe and having it returned - very oddly enough - by a gigantic penguin.

The builders with the top 100 scores - submitted by April 12 - will receive a Nissan T-shirt and be honored with a nailing, hammering or drilling during an upcoming build in Nashville, TN. Your virtual participation will help Habitat for Humanity build affordable, sustainable homes for families in need.

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