March 16, 2012

Two Degrees of Deliciousness

Full disclaimer: I haven’t personally tasted the product I’m about to recommend, but feel quite comfortable doing so because a) it was endorsed by Alicia Silverstone on Open Sky, both highly reputable sources who rarely put a foot wrong, and b) proceeds from the product go to the well-respected charity Partners in Health.

Very similar to – or, some might say, inspired by - TOM’S One For One business model, Two Degrees Foods gives away one meal (to a hungry child) for every all natural, gluten-free, quinoa-enhanced nutrition bar it sells. What’s more, you’ve got three healthy, delicious flavors to choose from: apple pecan, cherry almond and chocolate peanut. Yum and done.

Click here to help feed 200 million hungry children who are just Two Degrees of separation away. Yep, I stole that from their Web site.

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