April 11, 2012

Promising Empties

Some skincare companies recycle products from their competitors and don’t compel customers to make any purchases in order to receive a reward. Kiehl’s, on the other hand, prefers to recycle only its own brand and does ask customers to spend a few dollars ($65) - but it CAN earn you an awesome selection of Kiehl's products.

Anyway, here’s how you can participate. The first step is to get hold of a Kiehl’s Recycle and Be Rewarded program card (I got mine in the mail). Next, round up 10 empty bottles – and your reward card – and bring them to a Kiehl’s retail store to get a stamp.

Three stamps get you a lip balm (with a purchase of - gulp - $65 or more), five earn you a travel size product, and 10 land you a full-size product. This reward only lasts until May 18, so hurry up and get to the bottom of all those bottles.

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