May 18, 2012

Stretching Around the World

I’m way out in front (by almost four months!) of this enlightening piece of nonprofit news. On September 9, 2012, Yoga Aid Foundation will host its first ever one-day, around-the-world yoga relay in support of 15 international charities.

The global nonprofit hopes to unite yogis near and far to raise $1 million, with 100 percent of the proceeds slated for organizations including The Africa Yoga ProjectYoga across America, Yoga Gangsters, and Off the Mat, and Into the World (and that's just the list of US-based groups). Beginning in Sydney, the 24-hour yoga stretch-a-thon will connect teachers and students in more than 20 countries including Singapore, Japan, South Africa, India, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and Guatemala, and end at sundown in Los Angeles.

Yoga enthusiasts are invited to organize an event at their local studio, gym, park or community center.  Click here to get your karma on.

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