June 20, 2012

No Bigger Cause

I hope that all of the programs and campaigns I write about here go some way towards making the world a better place, but this one asks for our help in preventing a calamity of unimaginable proportions.

Dr. Jill Biden, Geena Davis, Uma Thurman, Josh Hartnett and Chanel Iman are joining with USAID in a desperate fight against hunger in the Horn of Africa. Their new PSAs encourage Americans to text "GIVE" to 777444, a simple message that will direct a $10 donation to organizations that are trying to feed the more than 13 million people (a number greater than the populations of Los Angeles and New York City combined) who will only survive if they get emergency assistance.
The ads also ask that people spread the word and “FWD” this critical message to their friends and family. Click here to support humanitarian warriors including Catholic Relief Services, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, UNICEF USA, World Vision, World Food Program USA and CARE. It doesn't get any bigger than this.

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