July 18, 2012

Gentleman Caller

Warning: This post is intended for charity-minded, vodka-loving, fashion-forward adults, so if that’s not you, come back and read this post when you're of drinking age. (And even then, for some reason, you'll have to wait four more years because the minimum age for entrants is an unexplained 25.)

Thanks to my daily updates from the folks at GOOD, I've just learned that time is running out to submit your best idea for Ketel One and GQ’s collaborative contest Gentleman’s Call: In Pursuit of an Idea that Matters. Until July 29, these harbingers of hip are inviting you to submit a concept that is not only implementable, but also exhibits the ideals of entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and philanthropy.

From what I can gather, the campaign isn’t directly associated with any specific charity, but rather seeks to raise society’s behavior bar (as The Newsroom's Will McAvoy might put it, they're on a "mission to civilize"), make a positive impact in the world and give one lucky son of a gun $100,000.

Click here if you’re man, or better yet woman, enough to answer the call. 

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