September 13, 2012

On the LevelUp

MDG is going to level with you. She’s not the most tech savvy person on the planet. I’ve got a few favorite apps, but I certainly never imagined using my phone to pay for anything. Then again, I never imagined one talking to me either.

Then along came LevelUp – branded as the smartest way to pay with your phone - and its new “Causes” feature. Just download the app and then use it to pay for stuff (at participating locations) AND support your favorite causes by donating a percentage of the savings you’re already getting by using it. It’s all a bit techie for me, so here’s exactly how it works – word for word - from the folks who designed it.

“Simply launch the LevelUp app and head to the "Donate" section under "Settings." There you can see a list of all the Causes currently on LevelUp including Feeding America, Jumpstart and the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Pick your favorite one and the percentage of your savings that you'd like to donate. Remember, that percentage only applies to the money you're saving (not spending) when you pay with LevelUp.”

Another really cool feature is that when you try out a new place – like Big Fat Pita in Los Angeles or Duck N’ Roll Truck in Chicago - you'll instantly get a few bucks to spend there, plus you’ll unlock more savings if you go back.  Pretty cool, huh.

Click here to LevelUp the playing field (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) for lots of cool causes.

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