October 2, 2012

It Should Sell Wine, But Doesn't

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be another shopping site to separate you from your hard-earned dollars, along comes Vine.com. From the hugely successful family of brands that includes Soap.com, Beautybar.com, Diapers.com, YoYo.com and Wag.com, this newcomer specializes in green products that are vetted to meet tough environmental standards (natural, organic, energy-efficient, reusable, et al).

It might have a few (thousand) online competitors, but the site offers an unusually robust array of shopping options including fair trade, cruelty-free, USA-made, Forest Stewardship Council-certified and locally produced products. ("Locally produced" means that the stuff you've bought was nurtured within 100 miles of your house, in case you were wondering.)

And it happens to be owned by Amazon, so it might be around for a bit. Click here to “live life green” with Vine.com.

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