January 25, 2013

Highly Sustainable

Chances are you’ve never heard of a Katerva Award, but suffice it to say it’s often referred to as the Nobel Prize of the sustainability world, awarding the most promising ideas and efforts to advance the planet toward sustainability. This year, regular folks like you and I will be allowed to vote for its People’s Choice Award for the best new project making the biggest positive impact to change the world.

There are 51 finalists to choose from (five projects in ten categories; one was a tie!) including Future of Fish (Food Security), WaterCredit (Economy), Blue Ventures (Ecosystem Conservation), VOICE 4 Girls (Gender Equality), A Liter of Light (Energy & Power) and YikeBike (Transportation). You can learn more about all 51 awesome, innovative international projects here and then cast your vote for your favorite one.

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