January 22, 2013

Supply Route

Although I can’t possibly understand how our armed forces wouldn’t be getting what I’d consider daily necessities –- like toothpaste and, um, soap –- I can tell you that there’s a nonprofit called TroopsDirect that is providing these items in bulk to military servicemen in need. The organization serves as a “back line” of supply for units based in smaller and/or remote areas in Afghanistan, Africa and at sea where needed supplies are non-existent or aren’t readily available.

Primarily supported by the contributions of citizens here in the U.S., TroopsDirect is a registered 501c3 tax-exempt organization with 87 cents of every dollar going to its program expenses. Although they’re not yet listed on Charity Navigator, I think that’s a pretty darned good percentage.

Click here to help TroopsDirect provide critical supplies that our military men and women need each and every day.

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