February 21, 2013

Nature is Calling

Get ready to be floored by the first blog post in the world to make carpet tiles compelling while using the term biophilia.

Gotcha. Right?

The “Reconnect Your Space” competition from Interface, which does a whole lot of great carpet stuff, invites you to submit architectural, interior or urban designs that bring to life a deep-seated love of nature. Otherwise known as biophilia. So know you know.

Outdoorsy students, teachers, architects and interior designers should enter their biophilic design at
interfaceconnect.com/competition before April 1, 2013. 
Submissions can be in the form of a sketch, drawing or rendering, and should be accompanied by a description of no more than 500 words.

The grand-prize winner has the luxury of choosing where he or she would like to get up close and personal with biophilic design for four days and three nights in Singapore, San Francisco or Cornwall. How and where would you reconnect your space?

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