March 25, 2013


The first thing that popped into my head when I read about a new company called BANGS is “What took you so long?” Borrowing a bit from the hugely successful TOMS business model, BANGS donates 20 percent of net profits from each pair of shoes sold to a nonprofit partner. What sets it apart from TOMS, however, is that each color of BANGS represents a different cause and nonprofit partner. You go BANG!

Sales from the red shoes raise funds and awareness for disaster aid through Global D.I.R.T. (D.I.R.T.); blue shoes aid Drop in the Bucket’s (DITB) efforts for cleaner water; sales of green BANGS assist with the S.O.U.L Foundation’s development efforts in Uganda and khaki footwear raises cash for hunger relief via CHOICE Humanitarian.

Go to to stand up –- in comfort and style, of course -- for some very important issues. 

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