May 22, 2013

Walk a Mile in Ben's Shoes

Ben Affleck sure knows how to stay in the spotlight. First he writes, produces and directs the brilliant "Argo," then he follows that up with his “Marriage is Work” Oscars speech. Then he agrees to live below the poverty line (on a food budget of just $1.50 per day) for charity for five days and finally he just launched a limited edition shoe line with Toms to benefit his own charitable organization, Eastern Congo initiative (ECI). That man needs a break!

Five dollars from each pair of the colorful Congolese-inspired shoes for men ($59-$79) and women ($59) helps fund ECI's programs for youth and families in the region. And, adhering to Tom’s very popular “One for One” business model, a child in need -- somewhere other than the Eastern Congo -- will also receive a new pair of shoes with every purchase.

I’m certain Ben’s new shoes will bring loads of cheer and happiness to feet all over the world.

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