May 24, 2013

Wanted: Unsung Heroes

Are you a charitable organization or citizen do-gooder performing heroic feats day in and day out without any fanfare or fame? Well, wants to change all that with its Untold Story Grant Give Away.

If you or someone you know has a great -- um, untold -- story to tell, go to and submit it in writing (under 1000 words) or in a video (20 seconds max), explaining all of the great things you’re doing and how a social media grant would help you do them even better.

You’ll be competing with lots of other unsung heroes including Global Solutions, Trauma Intervention Program of Portland/Vancouver, Inc., the Sacramento SPCA and Time Banks USA -- each vying for a social media grant that will help them share their story. Three lucky nonprofits will vie for $20,000 in social media grants: $10,000 for the best overall entry, $5,000 for the second best overall entry and $5,000 for the best video entry.

You’ve got until May 31 to get out from under that rock and start flying above the radar. 

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