July 2, 2013

Fancy Cat

For the second year in a row, Friskies is offering cat lovers/filmmakers a chance to become the pick of the litter during its annual “The Friskies” contest. Submit your best footage by July 15 best footage (up to two minutes in length) in one of four different categories: cat comedy, rescue cat, catventure or pursuit of food/treat.

You’ll also need to fill out a submission form that includes your cat’s name, video title, your name and a few other personal details and send it to TheFriskies.com for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize, a custom-made gold plated Friskies Catuette, and an invitation to attend the big award show in New York City this fall.

What’s in it for charity, you ask? Well, the real stars of this show are the rescue and shelter cats across the country. Throughout the contest Friskies will be donating more than 250,000 cans of cat food to 20 partner animal-rescue organizations including Fabulous Felines, Community Cat, Inc., Whiskers Project and Kitt Crusaders. Each will receive a minimum of 7,500 cans and will have the opportunity to increase the donation (up to an additional 10,000 cans per charity) based on their overall participation.

Good luck to all you cat fanciers out there! Stay frisky my friends.

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