July 17, 2013

Get On Board

Here’s a chance to help spread the love of reading and win some cash to send your kid to college. All summer long JetBlue is teaming up with Random House Children’s Books and “Magic Tree House” author Mary Pope Osborne for its Soar With Reading sweepstakes, with an aim of getting $500,000 worth of books into the hands of kids that need them.

Entry for this one is easy and fun. All you’ve got to do is describe – in 250 words or less - the magical places your child would like to travel to with Jack, Annie and JetBlue this summer. And I don’t think Disneyland counts!

For every sweepstakes entry received before August 31 (up to $500,000 worth) JetBlue will donate one book to Mary Pope Osborne’s Classroom Adventures Program. And you’ll have a chance to win one of four $5,000 college scholarships, round-trip flights on JetBlue or a Magic Tree House prize pack.

Help kids soar to new heights at SoarWithReading.com.

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