August 6, 2013

Buycott This

I could’ve spent all day “Buycotting” every product in the house, but for the sake of time, I narrowed it down to five: Swiffer sweeper mop refills, Bumble & Bumble grooming crème, Near East couscous, Kashi autumn wheat cereal and Trader Joe’s baked beans. If you’re not familiar with the lingo, Buycott is a new app that literally digs up dirt on various companies and lets you know – via a barcode scan - if the product is guilty of any shady behavior (i.e. testing on animals, using prisoners for labor, contributing to the Koch brothers, etc.). Thank goodness all of my products were conflict free.

You can also work backwards and select causes you care about like “Boycotting Chocolate Produced By Child Slaves,” “Saying No To Palm Olive Oil” or “Supporting Bicycle Friendly Businesses” and the app will tell you which companies to steer clear of.

Help save the world by buying from the businesses you feel good about and boycotting those you don’t.  

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