August 9, 2013

Power to the People

Not to be confused with Carrot Top the comedian, a Carrotmob is a group of people that spends money to support a business, and in return the business makes an improvement that people care about. If you’re familiar with the whole carrot and stick analogy, CM uses the carrot (cash) instead of the stick (boycott) to promote positive change. Mobbers post an action they want a business to take and try to garner enough support from friends and family to get it done.

Over the past few years Carrotmobbers from San Francisco to Bangkok to Melbourne have spent over $1 million improving sustainability at businesses worldwide. Current campaigns include 46 people wanting The Little Chihuahua in San Francisco to source one local meat option, eight people wanting any large building business to help climate change by planting green roof tops and 12 people asking Lotus Garden (also in SF) to sell at least one locally produced beer. 

The more people that join a mob, the more good it can do. Just imagine what 10,000 Carrotmobbers – and their wallets - could get accomplished.

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