February 27, 2014

Would You Rather

I think it’s safe to say that most teens are pretty clueless when it comes to personal finance. That’s exactly why DoSomething.org and H&R Block are teaming up on a quirky new campaign called “Would You Rather?”
Between now and April 3 teens can text their friends with wacky money saving and making situations that they can choose between. For instance would you rather A) share your spring break room with your entire extended family OR B) not go on spring break? I clicked on the former and got a reply, “Hope the bathtub’s comfy." Not the most helpful tip I’ve ever received, but I guess if it gets teens thinking about money, it’s all good. The site does say that the experience is followed up by action steps and tips to get teens thinking about and saving for their financial. I just didn’t play until the end.

To participate in the WYR campaign and be entered to win a $3000 scholarship text “START” to 38383 or visit dosomething.org/wyr.

February 24, 2014

This Could Change Your Life

I loved this month's issue of Self which included how Olympic freestyle mogul skier Heather McPhie practices a super simple morning routine that she says changed her life. Every morning she writes down three things she wants to work on like drinking more water, being more patient etc. Then at end of the day she adds three things that went well. That sounds like a really easy task to add to my daily “To Do” list, starting tomorrow of course!

February 21, 2014

World Spay Day

This year marks the 20th anniversary of The HSUS and Humane Society International’s World Spay Day (Tuesday, February 25). Help save the lives of street dogs, companion animals and feral/stray cats by hosting or attending an event or by donating at worldspayday.org. There are hundreds to choose from all throughout the month of February.

February 19, 2014


MDG is a huge fan of reading be it magazines, books, blogs, newsletters, emails, food labels (just kidding, sort of), etc. And as a former Reading Partners’ tutor and current after school program aid, I know crucial it is to get kids reading at a very young age. 
Which is where Reading Eggs comes in. An award-winning online program – also available on iPad and Android - it teaches kids ages 3 to 13 how they can get from A to Z with the help of one-on-one lesson plans, interactive animation, fun educational games and exciting e-books.
And during Reading Eggs "Read-to-Cure Challenge" from now through March 7, every parent and teacher who signs up for a free five-week trial will garner $1 for the National Children’s Cancer Society. How ‘bout them eggs? Sign up at ReadingEggs.com.

February 17, 2014

Ring Leader

Yesterday I caught the very last day of “The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950–1990” exhibit at the de Young museum here in San Francisco. And besides seeing a ton of spectacular looking gems and jewels, I also got a chance to learn about its current “Stop. Think. Give” campaign to raise funds for Save the Children.
Backed by a pretty fabulous looking list of celebs including Sting, Olivia Wilde, Ricky Martin, Isabella Rossellini and Jessica Biel, the Italian jeweler is offering a specially designed sterling silver and ceramic Bzero1 ring (which features the Save the Children logo engraved in the inside) for $420, with $90 going to charity. And just so you know, that 90 bucks will buy books for 18 children in Brazil, provide training for 13 teachers in Indonesia, ensure safe drinking water for one student and their family in Uganda and/or buy 50 boxes of colored pencils for young migrant children in China.
I know that it's too late for Valentine's Day, but I'm pretty sure Mother's Day is just around the corner, right? Click here to stop, think, give and help save children around the world. 

February 13, 2014

LinkedIn to Something Good

You probably already use LinkedIn for professional reasons (congratulations on your new job btw) but did you know that you can also use it to do some good? Simply add the Volunteer Experience & Causes section to your profile and voila, you’ll be able to browse hundreds of volunteer opportunities – including ones to sit on the boards of some pretty cool companies (the Met!) - based on your area (s) of expertise.

Use your rad skills – copywriting, photography, accounting, graphic design, project management - to make a positive impact in your community at volunteer.linkedin.com.

February 10, 2014

Random is Good

Just a quick reminder that today kicks off Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 10-14). So go feed a few meters, surprise a friend (or stranger) with flowers, share your snack with someone on the bus, donate used books to your local library, open the door for the lady in front of you, buy a latte for the dude behind you or choose something crazy and kind of your own. 

Let’s keep this random thing going all week long.

February 6, 2014

Give Smarter

It looks like Miss Do-Gooder is going back to school! I just signed up for my first ever online course – Giving With Purpose – courtesy of edX.

In case you’re not familiar, edX is a non-profit created by the founding partners of Harvard and MIT whose mission is to bring the best education to people of all ages across the globe (where there’s Internet access at least). They offer FREE interactive classes and MOOCS on everything from computer science and engineering to philosophy, physics, music and medicine. Oh, and philanthropy.

The official title is “Giving With Purpose: How to Get the Most Out of Your Charitable Giving,” and its offered by the Learning by Giving Foundation with support from Northeastern University. Students (that’s me) will get a chance to nominate nonprofit organizations in and around their communities to receive real-money grants. A minimum of $100,000 will be distributed to the organizations ranked highest by students using a peer review selection process based on course concepts. I feel smarter already.

Giving With Purpose doesn’t start until the end of March, so there’s still plenty of time to register. Hope to see all of you in class!

February 4, 2014

New Kid on the Block

I just moved into the coolest new community, one where I can pool my charity dollars with like-minded neighbors who care about some of the same things I do: animal welfare, women's issues and education. And all it took to join was a promise to pledge at least one dollar a month. No moving trucks, no long-term leases and best of all, no packing or unpacking.
The premise behind Givelocity is that it doesn’t always take giving a ton of money to feel meaningful; sometimes a buck or two will suffice. And a little really can go a long way when it's combined with donations from new friends and neighbors.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Go to Givelocity and look for neighborhoods that support causes you care about.
2.) Move in and choose how much you want to pledge every month.
3.) Vote for causes with your neighbors. 

Your combined neighborhood pledges go to the winning causes every month. Everyone gives. Everyone votes. Everyone is happy. The end.