February 17, 2014

Ring Leader

Yesterday I caught the very last day of “The Art of Bulgari: La Dolce Vita & Beyond, 1950–1990” exhibit at the de Young museum here in San Francisco. And besides seeing a ton of spectacular looking gems and jewels, I also got a chance to learn about its current “Stop. Think. Give” campaign to raise funds for Save the Children.
Backed by a pretty fabulous looking list of celebs including Sting, Olivia Wilde, Ricky Martin, Isabella Rossellini and Jessica Biel, the Italian jeweler is offering a specially designed sterling silver and ceramic Bzero1 ring (which features the Save the Children logo engraved in the inside) for $420, with $90 going to charity. And just so you know, that 90 bucks will buy books for 18 children in Brazil, provide training for 13 teachers in Indonesia, ensure safe drinking water for one student and their family in Uganda and/or buy 50 boxes of colored pencils for young migrant children in China.
I know that it's too late for Valentine's Day, but I'm pretty sure Mother's Day is just around the corner, right? Click here to stop, think, give and help save children around the world. 

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