February 27, 2014

Would You Rather

I think it’s safe to say that most teens are pretty clueless when it comes to personal finance. That’s exactly why DoSomething.org and H&R Block are teaming up on a quirky new campaign called “Would You Rather?”
Between now and April 3 teens can text their friends with wacky money saving and making situations that they can choose between. For instance would you rather A) share your spring break room with your entire extended family OR B) not go on spring break? I clicked on the former and got a reply, “Hope the bathtub’s comfy." Not the most helpful tip I’ve ever received, but I guess if it gets teens thinking about money, it’s all good. The site does say that the experience is followed up by action steps and tips to get teens thinking about and saving for their financial. I just didn’t play until the end.

To participate in the WYR campaign and be entered to win a $3000 scholarship text “START” to 38383 or visit dosomething.org/wyr.

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